Missed a Deadline

Two days ago was the date of the 2013 Long beach marathon, in Long Beach, CA.  I really wanted to be able to do a 5K by this date.  Not only am I not at the point where I can run (not that I'd have to run it, but I'd like to)

I can kind of jog on the sand for a little bit at a time, and kind of run across my living room, and the hallway of my complex, but still am not comfortable running across the street.  The reason is that outdoor surfaces are too uneven.  The sand is uneven too, but it doesn't hurt as much when you fall in the sand.  I'm still not at that point, in the actual running.

I still leak in my sleep, and don't get a restful night's sleep - another problem for an event which starts early in the morning.

Although I  evacuate almost daily now, and sometimes in the early morning, I don't always, and also not always the early morning, or even the morning.  I usually don't go outside until after I evacuate because it can get to the point where i won't be able to control it, and I've also noticed that having an unemptied bowel also causes problems with my bladder control.

Although I have made adjustments to my routines that pretty much let me avoid accidents during my waking hours, I know that these adjustments will need to be continuously modified for me to continue to pursue living life as unobstructive as possible.

Of course, I keep hoping and working towards a complete recovery, and one by one stop using the adjusments I have made, thusfar - like using a cane regularly.

And since I missed this deadline, I will have to make a new deadline.  There are November Turkey Trots, and then there is the New Year, then the Spring races, so there qwill be plenty of opportunities in the near and far future for me to accomplish my goal.

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