My Spinal Cord Injury has Not in Been in Vain

I may or may not be able to post the rest of this week, and into middle of next week.

I've been asked to write some guest blogposts, and I'll probably link those posts into this blog when the time comes.  This is because when I write guest blogposts, I try to be a little bit more detailed.  And my posts here are more of a chit-chat - so they are similar, but a little different.

That said, my topic for today is My Spinal Cord Injury Has Not Been in Vain.  It was a tragic event and I wouldn't want to go through what I have been through to recover.  However, there is a silver lining.  That is I recovered nearly completely, and I get to share my story (with anybody who will listen to me talk or read my book).  My spinal cord injury has not been in vain because I believe someone who faces an obstacle will read my story and be inspired. And if it turns out that I have helped at least one person out by sharing my story, then the injury has not been in vain.

This is also a reason why I encourage other people who have faced obstacles to share their stories.

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