Project Walk - Seems Like A Fantastic Rehab Gym

I just found out about a chain of rehab gyms called Project Walk.

As grateful as I am for the therapy I received - and all of my therapy was done at the hospital, even as an outpatient - when I browse their website and read about their philosophy, I get really excited that there is a place like this for #SCI recoverers to go.

Because of finances and insurance considerations, I probably would not have been able to go here, not to mention that they are not in my area.  But it just seems like a wonderful option.

Not that coming here would be required.  I think I had some of the best and efficient therapists one can ever hope for, and there are lots all around.  If you are not happy with yours, look around.

I came across this place, started following them on twitter, and it seems like a really really good place.

Check out their website:  Project Walk

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