Proper way to poop

Continuing with the digestion theme, I found a post yesterday that dealt with the proper way to evacuate.

One of the issues spinal cord injury patients deal with is that of evacuation.  Many of us need to use suppositories and stool softeners to enable us to do this function.  Others need to digital stimulation and do abdominal massages and rocking.  And there are those who need to do both.

But some of us can get away from limiting the amount of the above strategies.  I have not taken any suppositories or stool softeners since being discharged from the hospital. I rock back and forth sometimes, and digital stim even less and do abdominal massages even less.

I write about increased fiber consumption a lot.  To a lesser extent, I write about exercise and moving around.

Well, even before my SCI, I used to wonder why sitting in the handicap stall in public restrooms would be more difficult for me.  And now, many times, I will lift my legs up high while sitting, and it will sort of resemble a crouch.  After reading the post below, now I know why.

 Proper way to poop

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