Recovery vs. Improvement

I participate in spinal cord injury forums - and I think forums are a fantastic resource for any subject - you get to share your experiences and ideas with others, so people wouldn't have to reach goals/face obstacles themselves.

Recently, one form user reminded us that there is a difference between recovery and improvement.  To summarize, recovery is a result, and improvement is a process.  We may never recover 100%, but we are always improving.

This is so correct when thinking about spinal cord injury recovery.  Each day, time heals a little bit more of our nerves (if it is a type of injury that is condusive to healing).  And each time we exercise, we improve our strength.  Even if we don't see improvement on a daily basis, we will see it if we view it in a longer time frame.

There will be only one time when we are recovered - that is when we have recovered 100%. But 100% of the time, we are improving.

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