Stretching a Thought, But is There a Ghostly orb in this photo?

I  decided to scan an old photo of myself for a ThrowBack Thursday posting.  However, my scanner would scan in black and white, and something on the photo caught my eye.

I had always noticed in in the original color photo, but it is distinctive on the scanned black and white.

The photo is from 1989 taken with a film camera.

There is a white streak next to me, and if you follow that streak, both ways, it starts at the ceiling, and the ends with a white dot at the top right corner of the window.  I had always thought that dot was a street light, or the moon, but now that I look at the photo, I think the dot is indoors.  I can't tell whether the blinds are up or down -the flash from the camera is reflected, which I take as an indication that the blinds were still up. These aren't the metal blinds, but they were wood blinds, so I don't think they would reflect as well.

I had always thought the streak next to me was a scratch. But would a scratch have such a distinctive route?  Then I thought it was the camera moving. But if that were so, there should be other streaks. For instance, the light indicator on the smoke detector above the door. That is a green light, and if the camera moved, there should be a streak there also.  There are other white dots in the photo, but i think those are just scratches off the original photo.

I used to watch those ghost hunting shows, and they would talk about orbs a lot. Orbs look like dust particles, but instead of randomly floating around, they would have a "route."  And it seems that this streak has a route.

I'm not a professional photographer, so I don't know what other explanations there would be other than a scratch on the lens or the camera moving.

But it is fun to speculate that my friend who took my picture many years back also caught a ghostly streak coming out of my ceiling and going into my bedroom.

With that, I present a Throwback Thursday photo one day early.

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