The Benefit of Exercise

When I was in a wheelchair, I exercised multiple times a day.  For me, I am convinced it enabled me to walk again sooner, but there were other benefits as well.

1. Arm strength.  Many people don't realize just how much strength it takes to wheel your wheelchair. As long as you don't have an injury that require you to use a motorized wheelchair, you will probably be using a manual wheelchair, and when you build up that arm strength, you will be able to tell the difference.

2.  Exercise still burns calories.  Because I was in a wheelchair and wasn't mobile, I think my exercises kept me from gaining any of my weight back.

3.  Exercise helps internal body functions.  Although no longer confined to a wheelchair, I think my daily exercise continue to help my bowel movements.  Although it took five months for me to regain some voluntary control over my bowel movements, once I started getting this function back, exercise, along with a change in diet to include more fiber, has helped me keep regular.

4. Exercise is just good for you. Period.

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