Who I want to target with my Message of Hard Work and Deterrmination

I read another account, actually it was a comment made in another "Doctors said she wouldn't walk again, but did" story. The commentator commented that the story implied that that those who did not regain the ability to walk were lazy.

And that's not true.  Sometimes I am conflicted about sharing my story because I know it is not possible for some people to regain their ability to walk no matter how much they try. On the other hand, I want to reach out to those who have been diagnosed with Spinal Cord Injury and encourage them to work hard to try and walk again because many times, doctors cannot with absolute certainty, predict who will walk again and who will not walk again.

The following are my comments I made to this story:

When I was first told I had an incomplete injury, I thought that automatically meant I would walk again.  Ignorance was bliss in my case because at 7 weeks, I still couldn't wiggle my toes, and I also learned just because the injury is incomplete doesn't mean the person will walk again.  Fast forward and I can now walk again.  But it took a lot of hard work and determination, and I emphasize those points.  I know, sometimes, the wrong message is received by those who have not personally dealt with SCI  - that with enough hard work and determination, anybody with SCI can recover.  And that's not true. Some people will not regain the ability to walk no matter how much they exercise. Who I want to target with my message are those who have recently been diagnosed with SCI and perhaps have been told they might not, or will not walk again.  It is this group I want to encourage to try and be determined, and not give up because they might have an injury that might enable them to walk again - and exercise and determination may be the deciding factors on whether they will walk again or not.

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