Why Writing About Your Experience Helps Others

When I first got sick and found out that my spinal cord was damaged, I was told I would walk again in about two years - not nornally, but well enough.  Of course, that was during the assumption that I had Guiallen-Barre syndrome - which movement comes back within 6 weeks.

When I was transferred to the Rehabilitation Unit, another diagnosis was presented to me: that of Transverse myelitis.  Initial movement in this afflicition takes place within 2 - 12 weeks.  When I reached the tail end of week 7, I really started to worry whetehr I would walk again - especially after one doctor said it wasn't looking too good because I hadn't regained any movement inmy legs, yet.

Even though everybody recovers at a different rate, and the amount of recovery is different for everybody, I really wanted a basebile or a timetable, and no one would give me one, excpet that they though I would be walking "well enough" in a couple of years.

So, I used the computer room, and went on the internet to try and find some answers. Not only with the walking, but, when, if ever, would I regain control over my bladder and bowels.

Still, it was difficult to find any answers.

So, that's when I decided to write a book, so people who experience a similar situation to me would have some sort of reference point, even though their recovery might take on a completly different track.

But my book took on a different track.  My editor, who is also my friend, has been involved even before this project started as he visited me at the hospital regularly.  When I finished my book, he said, "When you started this book, you wanted to provide a reference point for others, but since you had a remarkable recovery, it has turned into more of an inspirational story than informational."

And as I read other people who have experienced not only spinal cord injury, but strokes, and other ailments that require adjustments, and stories of recovery, it's apparent that sharing our stories,whether it is overcoming physical obstacles, emotional obstacles, or financial obstacles, or any type of obstacle, is helpful to people who are experiencing a similar situation - I think it lets people know that they are not alone, that other people have experienced similar, maybe worse, and have overcome their obstacle.

I think anybody who faced an obstacle, and in my case, spinal cord injury, and recovered or adjusted, should share their story.

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