Working on Endurance

About six weeks ago, I was able to jog about 2 miles - of course, I probably could have walked it faster, but at least I maintained form.

Late last week, I tried again, but this time, at a faster pace.  A more normal pace, which I did achieve because I was able to pass up some people who were walking along the path.  I was able to keep my balance better; there was only a couple of times when I felt awkward and readied myself for a potential fall (I didn't). However, I could only jog about 14 blocks, and I had to stop.  

But, I feel happy because it wasn't lack of strength that stopped me, nor lack of jogging speed.  It is endurance, and that is something I need to build up.  Being able to sprint is another issue, but I feel that will one day be resolved as well. 

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