Writing as Therapy

For those who don't know, for the past 15 months, I have been recovering from spinal cord injury brought about by an unknown agent - the doctors were never able to determine whether it was a virus, or of my body reacted with a severe auto-immne response - but my ability to walk, talk, and other bodily functions went kaput - and slowly, these finctions have returned.  The talking came back within a week, but the others ares till awork in progress.

As happy as I am with the current state of my recovery, I still get frustated at the pace, and writing about it provides me with an outlet.  I am working on a book journaling my recovery, but as a time out, I wrote  a short story and created an alter ego for myself, who had transverse myelitis as a child, and still walks with a cane - but when needs be - he turnes into an agile ninja.  It is a short story, and is currently available on Amazon Kindle. Please check out, Zombie Brawl, or Rants and Raves of a Mass Transit Commuter the Day the Zombies Attacjked the Train.

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