Author's Entry: Candy is Bit

Fortunately, that was Candy's last dance. Unfortunately, it was also Candy's last dance.  At 1:30 A.M., the clubs doors would be shut and locked in a half hour.  She sat in front of her dresser and sighed.  "Why did I ever leave Ohio?"

Candy Cain's real name was Mary Schlager.  She wasn't  a singer, so she couldn't audition for all those talent shows on television.  She could act, however, according to all the locals: friends, teachers, local drama critics.  The former Mary Schlager never liked her name and dreamed of moving to Hollywood, changing her name and make it big.  Candy Cain was not the name she imagined she'd have for herself.

Candy lived only a couple of blocks from the club - in a partially rennovated neighborhood regarded as an arts district.  There was debate whether the neighborhood got passed over for other areas of downtown Los Angeles which revitalization exceeded hers, or if the neighborhood was still in the process of urban renewal.

The rain poured hard.  Candy opened her umbrella, and walked out.  Headlights shined the way ahead from her from behind.  She was being followed.

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