Ron Sakamoto Entry: ???

I had the scanner on on my way home.  A robbery had just taken place nearby and I swung over to see if I could catch the culprit.  But the patrol men were already there.  I got out and talked to the victim and the officers, and started back to my car. I looked into an alley as I passed by one, and saw a human figure on top of another.

I went closer to break it up.  The one on top looked at me.  She had an evil look to her. Blood dripped from her mouth.  I stepped back.  The vampire slowly crawled towards me, seductively and menacingly.  Suddenly she shrieked, turned around and disappeared.  A hand tounched my shoulder.

It was Jubei. 

"That was Maria,"  I stammered. 

"I know," he said. Flatly, without emotion, he said, "You must now destroy her."

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