Spinal Cord Injury: A real Horror

I like to write about vampires and zombies, and old-school werewolves and monsters are among the types of movies I watch.

But in 2012, I suffered an injury to the spinal cord.  Medical conditions are real horrors because they can happen in real life - that's why when people ask me what I write, many times, I'll say supernatural fantasy instead of horror - with the term supernatural fantasy, we know it is not real.  Vampires in the "Bela Lugosi Dracula" sense, do not exist.  But cold viruses that can wreck havoc on the spinal cord and respiratory systems do.  And I think it is important to combat illness, not only through research, but to share stories of how we battled and defeated those conditions.

I ended up writing a book about my recovery, and it went on sale last week.  Please check it out.

Here is the trailer for the book. I used the online software at Stupeflix.com.  A big Thank You to @Ellisshuman for introducing me to this site.

Toe Up to 10K

Here is the link to the book's page on Amazon:  Toe Up to 10K at Amazon

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