A New Course

I guess it's because he's a new character, but I like the character Kaze no Katsumi, I created for the short story, Zombie Brawl.  Ever since I started thinking about the sequel, which was when I was still writing the first book, I wanted to add another "supernatural' character in there - I thought, who in Japanese hirtory, could I use - I was thinking about Abe no Seimei, who was an astrolger and Imperial Court counselor back in the pre-shogun Heian Period. 

Other aspects I'm thinking about adding to the story are perhaps a treasure that came over from China to North America when the Chinese conducted their around the world expedition in 1421, or even incorporating something about the Yamato " clan, which is the clan which "unified" Japan back in the B.C. days.

I wrote the first story with Kaze no Katsumi in first person, so I wonder if I should do this story in his voice, though the major combatants will still be Yagyu Jubei and the vampire, Kageura.

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