Kageura v Jubei, pt 3

Continuing the account of the duel between Jubei and Kageura, Van Helsing wrote:

"The two men circled each other.  Yagyu waited for kageura to move first. Kageura swung at Yagyu's stomach. Yagyu deflected it.  Yagyu let Kageura initiate the attacks, deflecting each swing, countering only when he felt he could hit Kageura back. Kageura became impatient.  His swings gradually became less controlled. One one swing, Kageura sliced the fabric of Yagyu's kimono, but Yagyu deflected the blow and countered it with his own horizontal blow to the stomach. Yagyu's blow cut kageura, but not deep enough. Kageura charged at Yagyu, sword above his head.  Yagyu defelcted the oncoming blow, and in one motion, slcied horizontally against the stomach, and up across the neck. Kageura's head flew off and onto the floor."

I changed a word or two, but the above paragraph is an excerpt from the book, "Sword of the Undead," (lost in Sakamoto's world, but inour world, it is available on Amazon, and other online bookstores.)

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