Ron Sakamoto entry: Asking Ma About Great Grandpa

My mother is the keeper of  great grandpa Van Helsing's personal writings.  I found out he is actually my great-great grandfather, and he was much much older than his wife, like about 30 or 40 years.

I asked her about what she knew regarding his chronicles about fighting a vampire in the 1870's.

She said the exact records of that one is lost, but it is referenced in some of his other writings. I asked if I could see them, or better yet, if any photos of him existed.  She said yes.

There was one photo, a portrait photo of a couple - they were my great great grand parents.  He looked like a scholar, hardly one who looked like one who would hand-fight a vampire and win, or even be competitive - but looks can be decieving. 

Now that I can kind of picture him, meanwhile Mom was bringing me tons of papers written by him.  I could begin my research. There was a lot of material to go through.

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